Friday, 30 December 2011

Wargames Illustrated jan 12

I havnt bought any wargames mags for quite a while as there is now so much rich information on the tin ternet that the expense just seems a waste. Today i decided to pick up the latest WI whilst waiting for my little one to choose which magazine to buy out of moshi monsters or cbeebies. In the end she went for Barbie..
 I have not read through it all yet but first looks is that it is chock full of great stuff this month including a nice looking Napoleonic game and a great article from a fellow blogger Paul of the mancave.  On a personal note it was nice surprise to turn to the back page and see some figures I painted for grippingbeast a few back. The teutonic grandmaster and his standard bearer, seen on the left of the above picture. 

Happy new year to everyone out there, I hope to put a few old pics on over the rest of the holidays as my lovely wife has bought me a new computer and as I go through all the pictures I have on file on the old one I will upload some of my faves .


  1. Great paint job they are as well.

    HAPPY HOGMANY when it comes to you and yours.

  2. They should have been on the front cover Steve, well done boy.
    Happy New year to you too and looking forward to seeing some of those old pictures.

  3. Congratulations! Always nice when ones work is recognized.


  4. Congrats from me too. Well done and Happy New Year.

  5. And a very nice paintjob they are too!!! Happy New Year to you!!

  6. Glad you liked the article mate! And those are smashing figs on the back cover too!


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