Sunday, 20 November 2011

Command stand finished!

Here it is a finished at last! My General for my all to slowly growing Republican Roman army escorted by an Aquilifer, Vexillarius and to show he is the boss two Lictors. Lictors were members of a special class of civil servant, with special tasks of attending and guarding magistrates who held the right and power to command. essentially a bodyguard. The origin of the tradition goes back to the time when Rome was a kingdom, possibly acquired from the Etruscans. They carried axes which that symbolised the power to execute.
I really enjoyed painting these and think it shows in the vignette.
Thanks to Keith of Aventine miniatures for the following extra info on Lictors;

The degree of magistrate's imperium was symbolised by the number of lictors escorting him:
Sometimes, lictors were ascribed to private citizens in special occasions, like funerals or political reunions, as a show of respect by the city.


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