Tuesday, 22 March 2011

making the most of the sunshine

Amazingly the sun has been shining today in the grim north. So I have made the most of it by taking a few pics in the garden. Mainly of some Pueri I painted a while back but have not got around to photographing yet. These are from Grippingbeast and it is the first time I have painted their updated horses and I must say I was impressed by the sculpts. It must be the hardest thing for sculptors to produce and my hat is off to soapy who has done an excellent job with these. 12 Pueri armed with javelins

Hiberno Norse defend their territory from marauding Normans

More Hiberno Norse are called up from their village behind the giant leaves

The sun is about to go down as the Normans sally forth from their fort.

the set up.

As you can see the sun started to drop in my back garden and I had to put my table a little to close to the bush which kind of ruined the effect.

getting to have another good look at my Norman fort which was made by Paul Darnell of Touching History fame, has reminded me that I need to paint an army up to garrison it. Sadly these Pueri are not destined for my collection. Luckily it is my birthday in a couple of weeks, maybe i should treat myself?

You can see more of Pauls work on his new website Battles in miniature

Monday, 14 March 2011

Fallschirmjager platoon

Here are a few shots of my Fallschirmjager platoon I recently finished. I am intending to use these with the rules of engagement rules by great escape games.

Once I finished taking these shots I realised I had my camera on the wrong setting so the close ups arnt very sharp. I have a dozen more troops to paint up to give me more options, when these are finished I will take better shots and if I have time maybe write a tutorial on the colours I have used for the camo.

Title change

I have added a subtitle to the blog to open my mumblings and photos open to my other wargaming interests. I already have a blog that covers napoleonics, Samurai and adventures in the old west.
This one will mainly concern itself with the Dark ages as I have more Vikings, Normans, Saxons, Romano-British either on the desk or in the planning stage. But for the time being my interests have moved forward and backward a thousand years. With WW2 and the age of Alexander the Great burning holes in my wargaming purse.
So for those of you just interested in the Dark ages, dont worry I have not given up. For those with a more varied interest sit back and enjoy the next few months of pics.

What happened?

Sorry for lack of updates to all those following my blogs.

I have a few excuses the main one not having a PC for a few months whilst my laptop went off for repairs, but now is just spares....

So I have had to buy another new laptop and have advised the wife not to leave the new laptop open on the floor under a glass of water clinging precariously to the edge of the bedside cabinet.

Well atleast it makes a change from having a hot iron dropped on the one before or my little angel Isabella dropping it off her lap cracking the charge port.

Yes I/we get through our laptops.


sadly I never made it, due to poorly little one my youngest Grace. Talking to Darren of GB it sounds like I missed a fun day.

I have painted enough Vikings finished for 1500 points but my Arthurian army has fallen behind.

In fact whilst I think about it, one of my little cherubs has been taken ill the last 3 times I have planned a wargaming adventure. I did manage to pop and play a WW2 games on a massive 30'x 10' table which was a fantastic sight.

Sadly once the rounds started flying I neglected to take any pictures of the action.

When I got back from the game I was enthused to paint myself another platoon, especially as the British infantry platoon I took with me was going to stay permantly down south.

So I started cracking on with my Fallschirmjagers. photos to follow soon.