Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Citadel Dwarf flesh paint

 If you were as upset as I was when Games Workshop in all their wisdom removed this quality item from the shelves. Then your be pleased to know their is an alternative!
Vallejo game colour dwarf skin!

Vallejo are a quality outfit, I have plenty of their model colour range on my desk, but I have never bought any of the Game colour range. The model colour range is full of great earthy tones, where as the game colour range seems to be designed more along the lines of the fantasy gamer with some nice bright colours.

Any way i am well chuffed with finding this little gem.
For some it may look a little pink, but for me especially if I am doing drab tones it helps to make the skin tone pop, breathing life in to the miniature.

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  1. You are the master of flesh tones Steve, so thanks for the tip.


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