Thursday, 5 November 2009


I have just finished watching deadmans bounty, the strangest western I have ever seen, featuring possibly the smallest little western town, three buildings in all!

A strange story which has Val Kilmer cast as the corpse, probably the best acting he has done in a long while....

It seems to be both a parody and a homage to the spaghetti western and it is hard to know if you should be taking it to seriously

I will not give the story line away in case you should ever watch it, which you should if you are into the genre and have a spare afternoon free.

If nothing else it shows you that you dont have to have lots of buildings for your wild west scenarios!!

it has also got me thinking of a fun scenario for my next game of LotOW
watch this space!!

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  1. This is amazing stuff. I have just started collecting wild west minis and have bought legends of the old west and the three supplements. It's not much on your painting but check out my wild west town on


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