Thursday, 18 June 2015

the battle of Waterlooville 18th June 2015

Well its 200 years since the battle of Waterloo, John and I were planning to go along to the bicentenary events, but sadly could not make it for one reason or another.

So instead of sulking we played a game! not quite Waterloo as we decided to keep it to a manageable size for an afternoons gaming.
    So here is the battle of Waterlooville

We used General de Brigade rules and points system. I was leading the British defending the town against the French trying to take it. The British had 550 points to the French 700 point army. We also limited the amount of cavalry to 1 regiment per 4 infantry battalions.
One  thing i noticed straight away when selecting my force was. You don't get a lot for 550 points!
after throwing away my first draft of my force i settled for this

1st brigade
4 battalions of Scottish infantry
2nd brigade
3 battalions of British infantry
3rd brigade
a regiment of 12 light dragoons

Waterlooville in the British centre
The French had

1st brigade
4 battalions
2nd brigade
3 battalions
4 8 pounders
3rd brigade
14 cuirassiers

as the sun rises the French appear in the distance
 turn 1
The British get the initiative but hand it to the French, The French march on in force heading straight for the town. as the 79th take up positions in the buildings ready to repel any assault.

the opening move
the 71st send out 2 companies to harass the oncoming enemy
 Turn 2.
French continue to advance and the British light dragoons take position down the hill to face off against the cuirassiers.
the British right flank

Light dragoons stand ready 
Turn 3. 
the French win the initiative and continue their advance as the British steel themselves.

from the British right

the French tide
 Turn 4.
The action heats up on both flanks!
the cuirassiers charge the light dragoons, who counter charge but get the worst of it and fall back losing 25% of their number. the Cuirassiers fail to pursue, retiring behind their lines with blown horses. On the other flank the 90 ligne charge the 71st who give a well aimed volley which fails to stop the French, before retiring behind the 92nd.

the victorious cuirassiers
 Turn 5.
Sensing victory the 90th charge again, this time their luck runs out as the veteran 92nd hold their fire to the last moment and let rip causing many French to fall as their surviving comrades falter and take what cover they can behind the wall.

the assault begins!
 Turn 6.
In the centre the artillery opens up on the 27th causing 2 casualties. as the 26th charge into the town trying to drive the defenders out. they put up a stiff defence and the combat is drawn, to the west of the town a musketry duel starts with the French receiving the worst of it.
John moving his boys in to position

the musketry duel
 Turn 7
after giving a good volley the 92nd see off the French by the bayonet, this routs and disperses the 90 ligne who had taken nearly 50% casualties.
The 19th ligne reinforce their comrades assaulting the town but find it to hard to kick in enough doors with the wily Scots fight on, although out numbered and hold the French off.
the cuirassiers again aim for the light dragoons and hit them with enough impetus to see them off. this would of left the British right flank open and easy pickings for the heavy horse. But they obviously had worked to hard, blowing they retreat again behind their lines to recover.
  With the dispersal of a battalion from the French 1st brigade, the rest of the brigade assaulting the town has to test for brigade morale. Luckily for the French they are far to concerned with whats going on in the streets to care.
waterlooville as the heat turns up
its all over

Turn 8. 
The British win the initiative and believe the time is right to see off the attack by the now weakened brigade. Jubilant in their victory the Gordon highlanders are chomping at the bit to get involved in the street fight and look on with blood lust in their eyes as they see the generals ADC galloping over to the colonel.
  So imagine the surprise when they have the order to retreat just as victory was in their grasp! there must be some mistake said McDougal to McCloud?? As the British start an orderly withdraw, as the French take the now empty townhouses and the field of battle.
yes i rolled a double one when trying order the brigade to assault and see off the French. This caused command confusion which resulted in the my brave Scottish laddies retiring to the rear, with much cursing and gesticulating towards their hated foe. i guess with all the noise of battle the order "see them off lads" could easily be missed heard as "let's be off lads"  

A great fun days gaming was had, and even though I lost, it was just to funny to get upset about.
bitter me? nah.... 
I believe as they are all Johns miniatures that there must be some kind of conspiracy, so i best get cracking with my huge pile of lead. Then i'll have no excuses!

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  1. Lol great Steve, The GdB rules really give a nice flavour for the Napoleonic period. Love that shot with the silouette French officer and the other with the French column going in on the British defenders. Looks like a great many of us were busy over the past couple of weeks.


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