Sunday, 19 June 2011

Phalanx show St Helens

I went to phalanx and all i got were these lousy space wolves
I went to Phalanx yesterday hosted by St Helens and Ashton wargames club. It was a nice show in a well lit airy sports centre with plentiful parking. I took big Mike with me and luckily the cafe was fully stocked. There were plenty of traders plying their wares and a busy bring and buy. There was also a few nice display games to look at. It didn't feel to busy, which is good if you are buying but not so good if you are selling. All I bought was some grass tufts, a paint brush, 1 Vallejo paint and the above pictures box of Grey hunters, which was a fathers day present from my family. I have not painted or played 40k for at least 3 years, but I have been distracted by it for a couple of weeks. So this will be a little side project , i am planning to do a 1500-2000 point Space Wolf  and to hit a few tourneys with it.   My main 2011 project is still to finish all my lovely Aventines, more on them soon.

Well its fathers day, so hopefully i will get a chance to put a few Grey Hunters together and maybe even a lick of paint.
Dads, enjoy your day off!

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