Monday, 30 January 2012

My painting service!

As the world is going to end this year I have decided to jack the rat race and go full-time with my painting service. My website is now live but still a WIP LINK . This blog, as well as my others will remain hobby related. Apart from the little advert on the top right and bottom of the the blogs and this short post I will not be commercialising them.


  1. all the best with the venture mate

  2. All the best with the new career :)

  3. The site looks good Steve, best of luck with the new career.

  4. Well having seen pics of your work here I know you will be delivering a quality service - best wishes for success!

  5. Thanks for your support chaps!
    this blog will either be updated a lot more as i am producing more artwork, or it will not be updated at all as i have no work...
    time will tell!!

  6. or not updated because you have too much painting to do to waste your valuable brush time on the internet!


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