Saturday, 12 January 2013

2012 round up

ok, ok, i know i'm a little late with this but here goes
The category of favourite new miniatures of 2012

Goes to Gripping Beasts Jomsvikings. These beauties some examples you can see above painted by the man who sculpted them Bill Thornhill of Musketeer miniatures fame. 
Minw are very soon to appear on this blog ;o)

The category of favourite blog series 2012
Goes to Pats Rorkes drift extravaganza! LINKIf you have a few hours to spare just check out his blog in the link above, pure adult candy.
Very inspirational photography, you just got to admire than mans dedication.

The category of favourite forum 2012 goes to
Turning 40 last year was a big mile stone and this just makes me feel young again, aaah the 80s.
if your into your old lead there are some great blogs out there, check out the Oldhammer forum for a list OLDHAMMER

The category of favourite game i played 2012 goes to
War of the Ring, march of the Ents! i sadly didnt get as much gaming in as i hoped last year, but htis was just great fun! 20 Ents against thousands of Orcs, whats not to be liked?

well folks I would usually go on about what I aim to be doing this year in the hobby, but i failed so miserably with last years intentions that i'm not going to write anything about future plans..
I've now been painting fulltime professionally for over a year and business is good, when i do get a chance to paint something for myself i'm just going to grab anything from my huge pile of lead and enjoy it!
saying that there will be another post this evening with a little direction.....



  1. Hi Steve,
    Thanks for the vote on the blog, you are a true Gentleman, Sir.
    ps I wish I was 40 or even 50 again.

  2. Hi Pat, your blog is a bar setter!

    I think when i met you 15 years ago you were over 50? ;o)


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