Friday, 10 January 2014

Napoleonic Austrian Battery

 Well happy new year everybody!
 I've been away from the computer for way to long as I've been busy busy at the paint desk, so i can't complain. I've nearly caught up with myself to expect a flourish of new posts soon.
To start here is an Austrian horse battery I finished back in November. 


  1. Beautiful Steve, the brown on the artillery coats is lovely and the leather seat on the gun is very special. Makes me want to run out and buy them!

  2. Fantastic work Steve, as always.

    Will some of your stuff be in the Perry's new Master Class book that they are bringing out for Salute?

  3. Yes, agree with all of the previous comments. Very, very impressive work on these Austrians. Best, Dean

  4. thanks for your comments chaps!
    Hi Pat I'm guessing the book was produced before I started working with the Perrys. But still I can't wait to get my mitts on it!

  5. Excellent paintjob on these Austrian troops!

  6. Very beautiful and saved for reference, thanks!


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