Sunday, 28 June 2015

General Pack

After losing last weeks game due to my roll of a double 1, causing command confusion. Which led my brigade of Scottish veterans to bug out of the town they were holding, instead of reinforcing the melee they were involved in. I decided it wasn't my tactic nous that failed, it was the fact that none of the figures I was commanding were mine. They are all owned by my good friend John. Who risks the car journey with thousands of nicely painted troops in his boot to my house for the game. 

So I have decided to start rectifying this one small step at a time. The first step is a new commander (the last one was obviously cashiered). And what better officer to lead your force than Major general Sir Denis Pack. Pack got around, He was commander of the 71st foot during the capture of the Cape of Good hope, which at the time was a colony of the Batavian Republic (a French Vassal). He was in the Peninsula 1808, and the disastrous Walcheren Expedition, 1809.
Pack was back in the Peninsula in 1810 and fought at Rolica, Vimiero, Coruna, Bussaco, Ciudad Rodrigo, Salamanca, Vittoria, the Pyrenees, Nivelle, Nive, Orthez and Toulouse. His Peninsula medal held seven clasps coming second only to Noseys nine clasps.
During the battle of Waterloo he commanded the 9th Brigade under Picton, which consisted of 3rd/1st Regiment of Foot (the Royal Scots). 42nd regiment of foot (the Black watch), the 2nd/44th (East Essex) regiment of foot and the 92nd regiment of foot (Gordon Highlanders).

its not much, but its a start..... 

next will be some of Perry Miniatures new plastic light dragoons wearing the Tarleton!


  1. Lovely figure Steve, good to hear you survive Waterloo in 1 piece if perhaps your troops didn't 😬

  2. That is a gorgeous blue tone, reminds me of an old humbrol acrylic back in the days when they come in the little white pots I've never found anything that is quite the same. Nice job lets hope he can put a bit of stick about.

  3. Great work on Mr Pack Steve! Great place to start and clearly a very experienced General!

  4. Well done with Pack, beautiful work!


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