Monday, 14 March 2011

Fallschirmjager platoon

Here are a few shots of my Fallschirmjager platoon I recently finished. I am intending to use these with the rules of engagement rules by great escape games.

Once I finished taking these shots I realised I had my camera on the wrong setting so the close ups arnt very sharp. I have a dozen more troops to paint up to give me more options, when these are finished I will take better shots and if I have time maybe write a tutorial on the colours I have used for the camo.


  1. Very nice work, lovely paintjobs, they're Artizan aren't they?

  2. Yes they are artisan,
    I am going to do another platoon using the new FJs from
    Offensive miniatures

  3. fantastic - would love a tutorial on that late war cam pattern


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