Friday, 29 August 2008

Pinkertons defend jailhouse

Well it has been a long time, but i finally managed to fit in a game. New pal and enthusiast PATRICK SERJEANT and I had an introductory shootout, It being Pats first game of LoToW. I played with my Pinkerton models using the lawmen posse rules and Pat used outlaws. We rolled for the scenario which came up as jailbreak. The Pinkertons are acting as Lawmen in Imelda until a man brave enough to pick up the sheriffs badge arrives in town and have a horse thief in a cell. As dawn breaks Patricks desperados arrive in town to free their friend..
The outlaws sneak up on the jailhouse at dawn
The Pinkerton detective sees movement in the nearby buildings and alerts the rest of the posse
The adversaries close...

The outlaws are now across the street from the jail....
Patrick positions his boys..The pinkertons get in position to defend the jailhouse
A fistfight ensues in the lawyers office as a tough takes on the Pinkerton boss, punching him through the door and out on to the street!

Two detectives wait for the outlaws to break from the back of the building, then fill them with lead!!
An aerial with of the northern quarter...
After the loss of 2 outlaws in the hotels rear yard along with 2 more outlaws in the street Patrick had to start testing to see if his posse would head to the hills. He managed to pass twice which gave him time to take out a few more pinkertons. Eventually he failed and what was left of his posse decided to regroup outta town. This left his kid still in custody.
The Pinkertons intend to Hang him next week, will the outlaws be able to rescue him from the gallows? we shall soon find out!
With hindsight the Jailbreak scenario was probably not the easiest scenario for a new player to warm his barrels on. it was good fun and has lead on well to the next scenario, luckily i now have a gallows to use to!

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