Wednesday, 25 February 2009

i dont think i will be painting for a while.....


last night i dislocated my thumb, just my luck i am left handed.....
So no painting for me for a while, which is a real bummer as i have a very busy schedule of commisions to get through before i treat myself to painting my next posse.
it didnt hurt at the time but it sure did when the doctor with the help of 2 nurses at A&E pulled it back into place,
heres a picture for the not to squemish...

looking on the bright side i will have sometime to update the blog with a few things i have been working on and you never know i may actually get a game or two in!
To take your mind off the sickening piucture above, Colin has just popped a couple of his new buildings on ebay, so here is some pretty pics



  1. Hope the thumb is fixed soon!

    I do love the buildings you post and draw lots of inspiration for my own from them. One other thing - where are the cart and the guys with the barrels from?

  2. Hi, thsnk you for your comments, the cart and the loaders are form Dixon miniatures, cheers Steve


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