Friday, 15 July 2011

Grey hunters pack

Well I guess you may be getting a little bored of these by now but i couldn't resist showing a few group shots.
I am pleased with the end result, the only drawback is they did take a hell of a long time to paint. 37 hours in fact.
The only figs I can remember taking that long have been my Samurai shown below, and that doesnt include the many hours trawling through books finding reference material, which really is all part of the fun.

Again these were a real joy to paint and a huge investment in time, I must get on with finishing the rest of the force at some point.
But for now on my work bench I am converting a rune priest to lead  the wolves. For all you more interested in the historical side of things I also have a WW2 American infantry platoon and some more Punic wars goodies waiting patiently for the paint brush.
Well I have booked tonight off work and the Mrs is out with friends. I plan to take the kids swimming to ware them out and if all goes well they will be in bed for 7, Which will give me a good few hours at the desk.
If all goes well I will bring you an update in the morning.   


  1. Maybe it took a lot of time to paint them, but the result is excellent!


  2. Yes very impressive work you've got real talent with the old brush


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