Tuesday, 12 July 2011

leaving comments

I am having trouble leaving comments on other peoples blogs. Everytime i try to leave one via my google account it keeps asking me to sign in, then i go around in circles for as many times as it takes me to get pee'd off and give up without making a comment. Sorry to all those great blogs i follow but cant comment on at the mo. If anyone out there is more PC tech than me (which to be honest is everyone) please leave a comment hopefully explaining the answer. If your no better at PCing than me then you may have the same problem which means you wont be able to comment anyhow ;0)

right back to the snow


  1. Try logging off and not ticking the save box when you log on, also clear out your history and passwords, this should work but you may have to do it several times a week, its a right pain in the backside!!!

  2. Couldn't it be that you have this problem, because they have been working on the blogger things again. The follower thing is changed and I can't see the followers here on your blog at this moment.


  3. There seems to be a few bugs kicking around, as mine and others followers keep going AWOl.

  4. The follower box has a new button on my blog..I didn´t put it there and it wasn´t there yesterday and I didn´t ask for it to be added...the "join this site" button.
    One thing...you´re still here and so are we :-D

  5. Blogger has been having some problems of late.


  6. Thanks for your advice and taking time to commentchaps, i will try your suggestions.
    Fingers crossed!


Hi I have recently had a few comments on old posts that i missed, so to make sure i dont miss anything i have added the moderator settings
thanks for taking the time to comment :o)