Saturday, 14 April 2012

I am now officially old...

 Well it had to happen eventually. I am now officially an old man, as i turned 40 last week.
The good news is I still have my own hair and my chest is bigger than my belly. The bad news is i may be getting a little to old to play with toy soldiers?
 Anyway for my birthday my mrs went to Rome to see the pope whilst I stayed in rainy Manchester with the kids. It was not all doom and gloom as i did manage to finish off these smashing Gripping beast plastic Vikings which I started about 6 months ago and for a change they are for my personal collection. they are a great buy and as good as any metal dark age figures on the market. All i need now are the Jomsvikings I have ordered!
  I also painted myself up an officer to start my thirty years war collection. pics soon.


  1. 40???? Wish I was 40!!! Nice figures though!!!!

  2. 40 is young. Anyway as you get older people are more tolerant of you regressing to childhood. When I was 40 i din't tell anyone I was a wargamer, Now I'm 52 I don't care!

  3. Yes, 40 is young. I'm past 50 and still playing. Great looking figures too.

  4. I also turn 40 shortly - though I have multiple months (2 precisely!) to enjoy the sunset of my 30s.

    I plan to carry on my silly bugger with little men for a long time yet :-)

  5. Nice figs; 40?! Hah! I started wargaming at 44! Dean

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE. Here are three bits of advice now that you are old.
    1)Never pass a toilet by.
    2)Never waste a hard on.
    3)Never trust a fart.

    When you get really old (in your 50's, like me) you will start looking forward to your retirement so that you will have all day to play with those little toys and pursue our hobby.

    The Vikings look absolutely superb, I think painting Vikings is your trade mark as you have certainly painted a few over the years (even if you are only 40).

  7. Great looking figures. Love the GB plastics. I've got another 4 months before I reach 40, but still intend to continue not acting my age.


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