Thursday, 13 August 2015

6th Rheinbund Regiment

 Here are a few photos of the Waldeck fusiliers that made up 3 three companies of the 2nd battalion of the 6th Rheinbund regiment.
 From Perry miniatures Confederation of the Rhine range, suitably scruffy looking for the Spanish peninsula.
 I will post up some photos of the other half of the battalion tomorrow


  1. They look very scruffy Steve and I mean that in an excellent way. Superb painting and weathering on the Naps. The Perry brothers will be pleased.

  2. Those are stunning. I love the variety of gear; they look like they have been campaigning for a while!

  3. thanks chaps! Pat they are not for the Perrys this time, but i have just started something pretty cool for Alan

  4. Cracking, suitably ragged :-)

  5. Excellent paint job, they look splendid, great details...

  6. Lovely painting Steve, you gave the figures loads of character!


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