Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Allahu Akbar!!

Perry miniature, flag by LBMS

Here's a few (well quite a few) shots of the army standard bearer for my new force. As you can see he is wildly waving his flag on a recruitment drive as he knows he has no chance of turning back the Frankish invaders on his own. His arm is going to ache just a tad though as I am rather busy with commissions and I have decided that I am going to try a new way of collecting (well for me that is). When I start a new army or period I tend to buy big. Most of the time I don't actually start painting the army unless I have bought it in its entirety. This leads to the obvious mountain of lead that all of us wargamers have stashed in a big box somewhere. So this time I am going to buy my army piece by piece. So far I have bought 2 packs of Perrys Muslims from their Crusades range. Once I have painted what I need from these, which is basically 4 figures. I will order a few more to get my first unit finished. the first unit is going to be Junior Ghulams lead by this chap above. I have big plans for my Crusades collection, and hope to get the first army finished for june this year.