Thursday, 12 September 2013

Anhalt battalion, 5th regiment confederation of the Rhine

Here is a quick shot of some of the Anhalt figures I painted for Perry miniatures new range.
Fantastic they are to!
I have these and Lippe on my desk to complete the 5th regiment. After that it is on to the 4th!

Before that I have Mongols,Saxons and Austrians to finish so I best crack on!!! 


  1. Those are great. Would yopu mind making a painting guide for them?

    1. Hi Chris, I'll try and do one over the weekend

  2. This is getting more than a little interesting, but doing nothing for my 'cut down the lead pile' campaign.

  3. Very nice - love the poses and the grouping with subtle variances of uniforms. Best, Dean

  4. Really nice, especially how you posed the picture.

  5. Those look great! It makes me want to paint some Rheinbund! Cory

  6. Man, these are cool, really nicely painted.

  7. Are we able to get some closer shots of a few individual figures, front and back? What figures have you used, I have had a thought, if you wanted to make these in plastic, you could use Austrian bodies and French heads.

  8. Hi Dan you possibly could make a good few of the Rhinebund troops by mixing the plastic kits, I have painted a quite a few for victrix. These are the new metal Rhinebund range from Perry miniatures. I'll post some close ups later
    Cheers Steve


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