Saturday, 16 August 2014

28mm Napoleonic Bavarians by Perry miniatures!

Well i must admit i've been eagerly awaiting this release and here it is. Or at least the first 16 packs of what will be an extensive range!

My initial plan is for Deroys 3rd Division in the VII Corps in the 1809 Danube campaign. This unit consisted of the 5th, 9th, 10th, and 14th Infantry Regiments, the 5th and 7th Light Battalions, the Taxis Dragoons and Bubenhoven Chevau-légers, and 18 pieces of artillery. So 8 line and 2 light battalions, 2 cavalry regiments and 3 batteries of artillery. So a pretty well formed wargames army in its own right. and what with the very colourful units in the 3rd it should look great on the table top. 


  1. Same here, I was very excited when they first announced they were working on the line. I'm torn between painting some for 1809 or 1813 as I have other projects planned for both. Very interested in seeing how your project goes. :-)

  2. Hi Jason. I know what you mean as I have always wanted to recreate the battle of Hanau, but have decided to go with the 1809 figures and organisation.just ordered my first batch!

  3. They are lovely figures with a lovely paint job. Steve what colour do you use as your base for flesh?

  4. hi Paul
    it depends on my mood...
    the bavarians were GW bugmans glow, then foundry flesh 5A, vallejo dwarf flesh as the main base, then i added foundry flesh 5C to the dwarf flesh as a final highlight. long winded i know!

  5. Hi, I recently bought some samples of these figures for my own 1809 project, based on your awesome poaint work.
    Can I ask which colours/paints you used for the all important "cornflower" blue? Now that it is generally accepted it wasn't a sky blue shade.
    Same question for the green of the light infantryman(1809) please.
    Keep up the good work.

  6. Hi David
    thanks for your comments. The Bavarians are certainly on e of my favourites to paint! For the blue if you look at the schuetzen skirmishing pack on perry miniatures site i have used vallejo paint. i cant remember the codes but basically Prussian blue, then highlighted up with increasing amounts of grey blue. for the green i used military green, then added luftwaffe green with some off white for the final highlight. i hope this helps!


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