Thursday, 17 November 2011

Campanian Hoplites

   You will have to excuse the dodgy pictures as I have no camera at the moment and I am relegated to using my Iphone, but I just had to take a few shots of these Campanians before they head south. The figures are by Crusader miniatures and I have to say they are a joy to paint. I have to thank Steve from little big men studios for his advice on the shield transfers. They are ancient Italian designs for Gripping Beast shields and they fit well on the Crusader hoplons and really make the unit striking.
   The building in the background was made for me by Paul Darnell and you can see more of his work here
I am now going to finish my extra standard bearer for the command stand before starting on the next unit of Campanians. I hope to get him finished tonight (thats if the Mrs will let me..)


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