Wednesday, 18 January 2012

On the workbench this week

Sadly I didn't make it to Cold Steel last Sunday. Bloody car let me down.
I did manage to spend a bit of time painting though which was a small consolation.

On the table this week, are a large Samnite phalanx, the rest of the Apulians and some plastics in the shape of GB Vikings and Perry Prussians. The Samnites are now finished, so what to do next??


  1. You have a good selection of paints there Steve but it looks like the girls have had a field day with your brushes on your green mat.
    Would like to see some of those GB Vikings painted up next.

  2. Hi Pat,
    I wish i could blame it on the girls, but alas it is all my own doing...
    The Vikings are coming along nicely, the Apullians are nearly finished with a mere 6 left to do and the Samnites are 100% complete. its been a busy week!


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