Sunday, 13 September 2015


I've been working on these for some months on and off, mainly testing different colours to see what I felt looked best for a faded tropical uniform. I'm happy with the results and have quite a few more painted ready for basing.
 The desert war, research wise was new for me and the first model I bought was the 251. Which turned out to be a bit of a school boy error as apparently it seems none were used in North Africa..
My initial idea for this project is to do a platoon of DAK, followed by Brits and Italians for North Africa, then maybe move to Crete or Italy. The rules I will be using are Chain of Command by TFLs. Which have been sold to me by my friend Pat as the best rules he's ever played. I think this is because even if you roll low on the command dice it can be useful for you ;)
 You can see some of his lovely stuff on his BLOG

the figures are plastic Perry Miniatures, a bargain at £20 for 38 multi pose figures.

The over enthusiastically bought 251 is a plastic warlord games kit.
at the very nice price of £17

If you are interested in trying Chain of Command you'll be happy to know TFL are having a sale this September, with a whopping 20% off.
Lots of quality world war II products for great prices these days.

Now all I need to do is make myself a desert terrain board and buy a bunch of tanks!! 

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