Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Buildings of Imelda

All the following buildings were created by Colin Rush of CR Models. If you wish to contact or commision Colin see links section.
Archies undertakers, probably the busiest business in Imelda! This building has a large yard area and outbuilding.

Joe's cafe, if your ever in town he does a corn beef hash!
Durells gun shop for all your posses necessities!

The first national bank and Lawyers office. Exceptional building, great to look at and extremely player friendly!

rear secure bank yard for dropping off bullion

Bank interior: safe room, cashiers office and customers area.

perkins livery stables

highly detailed interior of stables with stall, ladder and hay loft.

Lady Isabellas Dress makers and Chinese laundry.

This was a scene of much heavy fighting during the recent shoot out between Sheriff Shirley and Johnsons Rebs.

Some of the garments available.
oooh suits you sir.....

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