Monday, 1 November 2010

10 weeks to go 'til cold steel. Viking week

This week I am cracking on with my Vikings. I hope by the end of the week to have a unit of 18 Hirdmen and 2 berserkers to join the chap pictured below. I am cheating a little bit because I have a few finished already, just dont tell anybody.... This first unit will be Hiberno Norse in flavour. I am not sure which army list to use from Shieldwall just yet, most like it will be either Norwegian or Hiberno-Norse. Both have great light infantry (or open order infantry under WAB2). The Norwegians led by Hardradda have always been my fave and have the added bonus of being able to hire serjeants which can make useful heavy infantry to hold the centre, as well as close order bondi. My freshly painted GB Hersir kindly given to me by the infamous Lord S of GB. The rear showing off his Little big men studios shield transfer This is my Veteran Norwegian war leader, who embarrassingly fell under a Norman horse whilst swinging his huge chopper around in the last battle.


  1. Nice model and paintwork. But still waiting for samurai cavalry... ;-)

  2. hehe
    thanks for the comments, sadly i have been somewhat distracted from my samurai project. I have all the figures i need, just need to get the bug again! Hopefully after Christmas i will be back on it.
    Have you played any games of Impetus with yours yet?

  3. Yes, I have some AAR published on the blog! :-)

  4. Hi, just had a good look through your blog, great bat rep, i need to crack on with my Samurai as it wouldnt take me to long to have a game worthy force!also i like what your are doing on the impetus forum very interesting


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