Friday, 26 November 2010

It all started so well...

Firstly sorry for lack of updates, I have been a little busy with commissions that needed finishing before Christmas, these included a large rebase project of Caesarian Romans and ancient Germans and to Finish painting a large batch of Normans and lots of Sassanid Persians. Now my desk is almost clear again I have begun to clutter it back up with my dark age collection. I have prepped up 24 heavily armoured Romano British spearmen including a new general and ASB. These i hope to have finished for a game on the 12th of December, so watch out for pics soon. I have also started work on a few more Vikings, including a Godi, another hersir and ASB along with GB plastic hirdmen. My lovely wife has bought me the Macedonian army deal from Wargames Foundry for Crimbo and while she wasnt looking i managed to sneak out the three Thracian cavalry figures which you can see painted above. These are fantastic figs and a joy to paint. According to my limited resources, the geometric patterns the Thracians are so famous for are a little more subdued and the stripes are thicker by the time of Alexander. This makes painting them a little quicker to paint but I am sure I will still go to town on the majority of them just so there is no doubt that they are Thracians. This will be a large project for next year, as i am planning on creating two armies for the period. Alexandrian Macedonian and Skythian with Greek and Thracian allies. It will be nice and colourful especially after the muted colours of dark age Britain. Now i must remain focused not long to go.....


  1. Love those Thracians Steve.

  2. Thanks Paul. I have painted a few more since and ordered a horde of Skythians from Foundry...
    I should really be finishing my Vikings, getting into my Romano Brits, cracking on with my Samurai, finishing off my first Nassau 1815 battalion or basing up the rest of my British platoon for '44.
    ooh and painting the Normans to go in that lovely fort i got off you!

    But i have to go where the mood takes me...

  3. Very nice looking Thracians, I particularly like the one wielding two spears. Look forward to seeing the completed unit.


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