Friday, 5 November 2010

not bad considering its Friday afternoon...

I have just finished off what I had planned for this week and I still have the weekend free, not bad for me! 3 Gripping beast Hiberno-Norse, 2 Crusader miniatures Berserkers and a monk The 5 Vikings I will add to the rest of my Hibenro Norse figures and the chap I painted last week will lead them. The monk can be added to my Romano British civitates army. So here it is, my first complete unit for my new Norse force. A Hersir, 2 Berzerkers and 17 Hiberno Norse with a mix of double handed axes and throwing spears. Some of the shields are hand painted the nicer ones and the standard are transfers by little big men studios. The majority of this unit was painted a few years ago, now at last it is complete an ditching for action. I will take a few more pics when I have time, as the close ups I did all came out a bit blurry apart from the berserker above. With the weekend now free, i will finish prepping up the plastic GB Hirdmen and some Romano British, then decide what to do next. I dont think I will get any painting done as it is my 6th wedding anniversary to my beautiful wife Marie Saturday, so I will be spending lots of quality time with the mrs. What a lucky lady....?

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