Monday, 14 March 2011

What happened?

Sorry for lack of updates to all those following my blogs.

I have a few excuses the main one not having a PC for a few months whilst my laptop went off for repairs, but now is just spares....

So I have had to buy another new laptop and have advised the wife not to leave the new laptop open on the floor under a glass of water clinging precariously to the edge of the bedside cabinet.

Well atleast it makes a change from having a hot iron dropped on the one before or my little angel Isabella dropping it off her lap cracking the charge port.

Yes I/we get through our laptops.


sadly I never made it, due to poorly little one my youngest Grace. Talking to Darren of GB it sounds like I missed a fun day.

I have painted enough Vikings finished for 1500 points but my Arthurian army has fallen behind.

In fact whilst I think about it, one of my little cherubs has been taken ill the last 3 times I have planned a wargaming adventure. I did manage to pop and play a WW2 games on a massive 30'x 10' table which was a fantastic sight.

Sadly once the rounds started flying I neglected to take any pictures of the action.

When I got back from the game I was enthused to paint myself another platoon, especially as the British infantry platoon I took with me was going to stay permantly down south.

So I started cracking on with my Fallschirmjagers. photos to follow soon.


  1. What an incredible gaming room!

    Huge WoW!

    Half your luck to play on the table. Looks like you had a blast :)



  2. OMG that is a huge awesome gaming room!!! I want one!




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