Tuesday, 22 March 2011

making the most of the sunshine

Amazingly the sun has been shining today in the grim north. So I have made the most of it by taking a few pics in the garden. Mainly of some Pueri I painted a while back but have not got around to photographing yet. These are from Grippingbeast and it is the first time I have painted their updated horses and I must say I was impressed by the sculpts. It must be the hardest thing for sculptors to produce and my hat is off to soapy who has done an excellent job with these. 12 Pueri armed with javelins

Hiberno Norse defend their territory from marauding Normans

More Hiberno Norse are called up from their village behind the giant leaves

The sun is about to go down as the Normans sally forth from their fort.

the set up.

As you can see the sun started to drop in my back garden and I had to put my table a little to close to the bush which kind of ruined the effect.

getting to have another good look at my Norman fort which was made by Paul Darnell of Touching History fame, has reminded me that I need to paint an army up to garrison it. Sadly these Pueri are not destined for my collection. Luckily it is my birthday in a couple of weeks, maybe i should treat myself?

You can see more of Pauls work on his new website Battles in miniature