Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Happy birthday to me!!

Today I am officially a year older, although this brings many problems such as greying hair and sagging breasts. It also has the benefit that I get presents!! Last night I (well the mrs) put in an order with Aventine miniatures for a unit of their Tarentine cavalry and some late Etruscans. Aventine miniatures late Etruscans Triarii, picture from avantine miniatures website
Tarentine Cavalry, picture stolen from aventine miniatures website

I have not painted any Aventine minis before and look forward to seeing them up close, hopefully they will be as good as the pics suggest. If so then i will buy plenty more!


  1. Hello Steve,
    Happy Birthday to you. I hope you have much fun with the Aventines. These are beautiful and fantastic sculpt figures. You can see the Tarantine Cavalry one my blog.
    With best regards

  2. Hi Wolfgang,
    Thank you very much!
    Your Republican Roman army is coming along great! I have joined your blog and look forward to seeing your updates


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