Sunday, 3 April 2011

How disappointing.....

Teutonic knights Marshal that I painted a few years back for Gripping beast

I thought I would have another photo shoot this morning, a few shots of my huge Viking army just to remind me of the fact that I have got a miniature collection of my own whilst I finish off another commission.

So imagine my disappointment when I get them out of their huge storage box and realise I only have 37.....

After the initial shock I remember that I sold off a batch before Christmas. Painting figures for fun and for money is a double edged sword. Especially when you have the attention span of a knat. Because there is always another project you want to do and selling the project you have just finished is the easiest way to finance the next project.

Over the years I must of painted well over 25000 figures both 28s and15mm. looking through my current collection of painted figures is a sorry sight.

I have 37 Vikings, 2 Romano British, 10 French Napoleonics, 36 Nassau, 1 cowboy, 3 Thracians, 33 Samurai, about 50 various GW fantasy figs, 2 space marines. 6 chaos marines, 41 Fallschirmjager, a Jagdpanther and a Stuart.

So after over 25 years of industrious painting I don't have much to show for it in my collection.

To remedy this I have decided to list on my blog my current personal projects in the side bar, hopefully this will help me see where I am at and keep me on track. Last week I was having a bit of a shop around the net. I have always fancied doing Punic wars but rather than the main two protagonists I fancy either Spanish, Numidian, celts or one of the Italian states, these could then be used as allies or enemies for the big hitters. This army or armies is still in the thought stage, so whilst I am thinking about it I will crack on with my current projects which I will list in the side bar.

Okudaira Sadamasa the hero of Nagashino and his retinue

Hopefully this will help me stay on track and keep my collections, but as you know everything has a price.....