Wednesday, 9 November 2011

WIP Aventine Republican Romans CnC

We moved house back in September and once everything was sorted i was able to start on my hobby room.
The hobby room is not yet totally how I want it but the good news is I have my desk and lighting good to go. Above you will find a WIP picture of the first figures I have painted since the move. These are now finished apart from the basing. They will be based on a large round base, i just can't decide whether to include the armed slave or swap it out for another standard bearer? 
Now the room is functional expect a lot more productivity. On the desk at the mo are Punic cavalry and a large phalanx of Campanian spearmen.


  1. This are looking very nice!! Glad to hear that you have some hobby space back.

  2. Top stuff, more I say, paint more man :D hehehehe

  3. Wonderful painting on lovely miniatures!


  4. Great looking figures, love the yellow cloak, very smart!!


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