Saturday, 28 June 2014

Perry Plastic Continentals

I recently painted up this unit for Perry miniatures. I was so impressed with the new plastic kit that i have bought a few and also started on some Hessians with a view to doing the battle of White Plains. I'll basically be using the ORBATS from the British Grenadier scenario book, which is an excellent resource for your AWI games


  1. They look great; I also recently picked up a few plastic Perrys, WotR and European Merc sets - very impressed and will likely pick up a few more boxes. Best, Desn

  2. Hi Dean
    Thanks, i also have a few boxes of the European mercs i have fitted the metal Italian heads and they look great!

  3. Wonderful job on these. The Perry's AWI line is so tempting, if they ever turn their attention to the SYW I'll be in big trouble. :-)

  4. You are certainly getting a lot of your painted figures on the Perry site Steve. Superb painting on some great figures.


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