Thursday, 24 May 2012



Well you didnt really need to consult with the oracles to see this one coming, but a sad day just the same.
Still it wont stop me playing WAB or any of the legends series. All great games which my friends and I have many great hours playing.

So to the contenders to the throne

War and Conquest WAC by Rob Broom, formerly of warhammer historical and the main driving force behind it in the early days.
A ver nicely laid out book, with lots of novel ideas, i have not personally played a game yet but I am keen to try!

Clash of Empires CofE Another well thought out set of rules for all those who like WAB but are looking for my CnC action and down graded heroics. A little bit to close to WAB for me to warrant switching to.

Hail Caesar! HC Those guys at Warlord games sure can make pretty books. This is the ancients version of black powder. Not yet had the chance to play but will definitely be giving it a go with my Punic wars collection when it finally grows large enough to warrant. Designed for larger feeling games to WAB worth buying if just for the pretty pictures.

I'm sure there are a few more I haven't mentioned such as
but I have not invested the time and money into buying it yet, but it does look pretty cool.


  1. I share your sentiments - and my buddies and I still love & play WAB - actually have two WAB events scheduled at our local convention this weekend. I also have Hail Caesar and plan to give it a shot with my Trojan/Mycenaean chariot army - might be neat for swirling chariot manuevering. Best, Dean

  2. I suppose one could say it's a mix of neglect and gaming evolution that has resulted in its demise IMHO.
    Regardless if one plays or not these days it's still sad news to see it go.
    You can add Two Fat Lardies new Dark Age game to the list and my favourite game Impetus.


  3. Cant say I have played it but one you didnt mention is Impetus which seems to have quite a following too...

    I'm in the HC camp myslef...

  4. I totally forgot about Impetus, which gas a different feel to WAB, CoE & WaC but still a great game! I have the start if a samurai army for it on my other blog.

    I have not heard of the two fat lardies dark age game will have a looksy

  5. The Two Fat Lardies rules titled "Dux Britanniarum" hasn't been released yet, but if you follow their (TFL's) blog and Sidney's at you'll get some great games development battle reports. It looks to be a real winner.


  6. Getting rid of Rob Broom was a big mistake on their part. TFL's have some great rules, so these should be good.

  7. Great blog on sad demise of WHH
    HC are good rules as you/others comment, there are a veritable plethora new rules out now - all with various quirks/feels which have much to thank WAB for perhaps showing the way
    Agree with Pat about TFL rules being potentially worthwhile
    Like SAGA as well - apparently a grown-ups fatboy battle version is due out as well

  8. Then prices for the newer rules are shooting up second hand. Kampfgruppe Normandy is now going for £60 on Amazon.

    I played a lot of WAB and for some periods it was great. I liked Warhammer ECW too.


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