Friday, 31 August 2007

a few extra photos from first games

Rob Johnson and his rebs at their starting (and finishing) positions a few minutes later....
Joe "dice-king" Dever strikes a pose
the Apache dismounts to dig up the gold

the cowboys lay down heavy fire from the treeline

US infantry take up position on the hill overlooking the creek
Jake "wetpants" Fargo earns his nickname

The creek begins to run red with blood
the hand of the almighty (Dave) plucks another casualty from the field
Sheriff Shirley is surrounded by redskins after his scalp

The bandidos use the ladies as human shields, some say they were a little to willing......
The hard fought melee continues in the rocky outcrop

With a rebel yell Johnson and his boys assault the ruined outbuilding

Blue bellies skirt the church closing in on the bandidos

the congregation is protected by the US army and the comforting words of the preacher

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