Sunday, 5 August 2007

Making Imelda

The Town of Imelda and its surrounding area will be set up on a 30' x 6' table for the duration of the campaign. The town itself will grow with the campaign, as events and wealth bring more business and people. There will be a large mix of buildings including a Mexican quarter. here are pictures of some of the buildings. These first three buildings have all been made by Colin Rush of CR models Sheffield. They look great!

Christ church. The church is situated just outta town, i still need to find a suitable priest to take mass. here is a pic of the interior.

This is Archies the undertakers estabilishment. It looks like it comes straight from the "fistful of dollars set" Fantastic piece!

here is Joes cafe. its always better to fight on a full stomach. Just try not to use the Joes john!

I will add more pics of other buildings as they are made.

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