Monday, 23 May 2011

WW2 pics

paras move in to the town
Germans take position

the enemies close

looking for targets

flame on
Pats paras prepare to rush the defences

whats left of Pats paras......

sniper team in action

A few more pics of the Rules of engagement game from Daves a few weeks back. The higlight for me had to be Pats paras, after getting the worse of the firefight decide a headlong rush across the street is the answer. trouble is it in front of dug in Gemrans with MG42s.
As you can tell in the second from last picture, it ended in tears....


  1. Wonderful terrain and figs - a joy to play with no doubt!

    Thanks for sharing

  2. I need to cite the two above!
    Wonderful! I'll follow :)

    One question left:
    Wouldn't some greyish turf look better than the brown? :)


  3. Beautiful photo terrain & figures!!

  4. Some nice pics there Steve,

    Working on my own shots for the book at the mo, so its all WW2 over here as well.


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