Friday, 5 October 2012

the last march of the Ents

Saruman looks on as the trees come alive
feel the earth shake!
make like a tree and leave

the evil ones concoct a plan
the Ents are surrounded, but not for long!

the unit with crossbows took out a few too many Ents

awesome Orcs!

the caualties mount amongst the trees

another tree felled...

the dam is straight ahead

Orthanc in all its glory
Last weekend a few of us met for a game of War of the ring. We played the last march of the Ents and were able to muster 19 of the shepherds of the forest.
Mick and I took the role of the woody ones, whilst Dave and Steve led the defence of Isengard and Sam umpired. We had a little addition to the rules which was event cards, we use these in quite a lot of our games and they come from the "war tokens" idea in Steves AB one games system. This time each side got one event card a turn, plus they could earn extra by answering riddles from the Hobbit book. Its been a good 20 years since i read The Hobbit, but i did finally manage to solve one...
The game was great fun and it was good to see how much damage the Ents could do to the massive units of Orcs, which looked intimidating but were quite squishy underfoot.  
  After hours of squishing Orcs in between eating buns, sausage rolls and wine gums ably supplied by Mick, We ran out of time just as Treebeard reached the dam. As far as I'm concerned it was a victory for good over evil, but Saruman may disagree.

Of note was an Ent who single handedly killed to trolls, that was fun eh Dave ;0)


  1. Looked like treemendous fun Steve, sorry I missed it.

  2. Fantastic battle. Was it on the beech? I presume the burning trees created a lot of ash. I bet the fir was really flying.

    (That's enough tree puns - Ed.).

  3. Great fun - one of my fav LotR scenes.

    Are they the GW Ents figures? I would like to use those for my Bowl Bowl team!

  4. Great tree jokes chaps! I coundnt think of sycamore..

    Hi Paul, yes they are the plastic GW kits. Nice models I'm thinking of painting some up for my 80s retro wood elf army which is on the slow burn

  5. Greate looking game !

    Stunning tower !!!

    Best regards Michael


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