Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Wargamers and cats dont mix

Just a quick shot of one of our cats before he went flying through the window....


  1. I'd have punted it through the door.

  2. That's the reason why so many cats end in wargamers' pots as dish of the day...


  3. Yes my Cat Loki seems to make it his mission in life to jump up on the modelling table at every opportunity!

  4. No! I am afflicted with Harry the Cat from next door who my daughter encourages into the house. He has had several marauding passages across my workbench. When I finish them people may wonder why my Perry Plastic Prussians have such different length bayonets...

  5. lol at least its a decerning cat, going for the lovely Frenchmen


  6. Been there and done that! Plus she liked to jump up on my painting table while painting. Fur and wet paint do not mix well. :-) Sadly, our cat passed away last year after 18.5 years. Now I miss her jumping into our games. :-(


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