Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Wargames Table WIP4

 Well my little helper and I have finally finished the base sections! 
Here she is getting stuck in
I've spent countless hours trying to decide which is the best size table to optimise my space and make full use of the room. It has gone from the original 10'x5' to 12'x6 now it has gone down and will stay at a permanent 8'x6' as seen in the above WIP shot. 
I have enough tiles to do cover 12'x6' but decided that for my purposes the smaller table would work best, if i get the chance to run a larger game i will pop up an extension.
 Here is the 8'x6' board with supports, i just need to add some reinforcements to add strength just in case it gives in under the weight of lead :o)

Sticking with this table I now have room for another 6'x4' table in the room as you can see in the above pic. This will be a desert board for my forth coming Crusades collection and my old west games.

i will take some better pics at the weekend after I've tidied and rearranged the games room.  


  1. Hopefully more so when it's all ready to be played with :)

  2. Hi Steve, It's hard to believe your little helper is getting so big. That is a good size games room you have there, you lucky bugger.

  3. Hi Pat it's 19'x16' and hopefully will look fantastic when I have finished :)
    The little uns shoot up way to fast


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