Monday, 21 December 2009

Native American posse

Stephen the heathen used to ride with Rob Johnsons rebs, now he is leading his own outfit of renegade Injuns. More to be painted over Christmas.

This little lady, was painted by my little lady Isabella aged 4. She has even tried to dot in the eyes.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Here is the start of my mountain men posse that i hope to game with over the Christmas period

A few of the pics didnt come out to well, i hope to take some more soon. If it all goes to plan i will be able to take some pics whilst actually playing a game! it has been far to long......

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

new posses WIP

I took advantage of Wargames Foundrys Christmas discount the other week and bought myself over 150 new old west figures!
Not that i would ever need 150.....
plus I already have around 100 sitting on a box waiting to be painted from Artizan, Obelisk and war paint ranges.
So over the next couple of months expect to see a good few new posses as well as all the civilians I have been hoarding to populate the town with.

To finance the project I will be painting some goodies up and selling them off on Ebay.

You never know I may actually get a game in to!

Thursday, 5 November 2009


I have just finished watching deadmans bounty, the strangest western I have ever seen, featuring possibly the smallest little western town, three buildings in all!

A strange story which has Val Kilmer cast as the corpse, probably the best acting he has done in a long while....

It seems to be both a parody and a homage to the spaghetti western and it is hard to know if you should be taking it to seriously

I will not give the story line away in case you should ever watch it, which you should if you are into the genre and have a spare afternoon free.

If nothing else it shows you that you dont have to have lots of buildings for your wild west scenarios!!

it has also got me thinking of a fun scenario for my next game of LotOW
watch this space!!

Sunday, 30 August 2009

mount up

To fit in with my bushwhackers raiding background i have mounted them up. I painted these horses around 6 months ago but have only just got around to basing them after being enthused by the magnificient mounted posse Pat has painted(see below).

Rob Johnson


Stephen the heathen

Comical Jake thornton

English Tony

Frank T winklebottom

And this is the Colonel, a renegade cavalry officer who will be joining the posse as soon as I have enough dollars to convince him.....
I hope to be using this all mounted posse in a game soon, so i will let you know how they get on.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

US Marshal

A new US Marshal arrives in the town of Imelda, hopefully this means there will some more action in town very soon......
Marshall Jethro Black, Jet to his friends.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

good ol' southern boyos

Here are a few pics of a posse freshly painted by Pat Smith. All have the option to mount up!
figures are all from Wargames Foundry.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Spansh buildings

Colin has been up to his magic again with these new Spanish flavour buildings, which can be used in adventures in lots of areas of the world

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

an update on my thumb

Before I dislocated it, I didnt realise how much I used the bloody thing. Without my left thumb I cant do anything. All my hobby related interests use my thumb, painting, writing, weight training , martial arts. The only thing I have managed to do is go running with my dog.
I went back to the hospital for some more Xrays and they reckon I will have my cast off in three weeks. I dont know if my sanity will last that long?!?!?!
So what have I been doing...? well not a lot......
I have started a few articles for the blog, they all just need finishing off. Mainly I have been watching DVDs. Western wise I watched Appolosa, a very good film based around a lovely town, plenty of ideas for extra buildings when the time is right. Not a lot really happens but some great characters in it. If you havnt seen it do!
I have just started on the prison break DVD box set. Just watched season 1, now I am on to the season 2. I dont know if I will make it all the way through season 2 and 3. Hopefully my hand will get better so I can do something more constructive.....
Although I cant paint I have been planning more posses and have orders ready to go with Foundry, Artisan and Dixons. The good thing is the enthusiasm is still there (for wargaming not prison break.)

Thursday, 26 February 2009

bushwhackers v cowboys showdown 2

Out to settle scores, the bushwhackers entered Main Street from the North end and George Hirst’s crew from the South, but both leaders took to the back lots West of town in attempts to outflank their opponents.
The ill-omened confrontation between Rob and Hirst with his henchman ‘Lucky’ Denton saw the former’s gun jam, forcing a rapid retreat. Though things would be in the balance for a time, this proved to be a sign of things to come. Pursued by his adversaries, who were held back by covering fire from the side stairs of the corner store, he sought to re-join his gang in the street.
The battle continued at long range, With ineffectual rifle cover from ‘Kid’ Hunter up on the hotel balcony and faced with three or four long arms. The Hirst boys took cover in buildings either side of the street. Things were uncertain for a while, but Rob and his boys, wary of the threat to their right flank and making too little impression at long range, advanced to contact.
Fiercer short range fire put down three of Hirst’s men. But Haigh’s shotgun, Hirst’s heavy pistol and Emmett’s six gun took their toll, laying low five of the brave bushwhackers. Once they engaged in hand-to-hand combat, the one-armed Emmett fought like a demon and once Rob was wounded he decided it was time to sound the retreat and off he head for the hills, with what was left of his beaten up posse......


Nothing adds more to the character of a wargaming table than adding the little extra details. This is even more important when it comes to skirmish games, as these accessories not only add to the overall look of the game but more often than not give your boys something to hide behind!

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

i dont think i will be painting for a while.....


last night i dislocated my thumb, just my luck i am left handed.....
So no painting for me for a while, which is a real bummer as i have a very busy schedule of commisions to get through before i treat myself to painting my next posse.
it didnt hurt at the time but it sure did when the doctor with the help of 2 nurses at A&E pulled it back into place,
heres a picture for the not to squemish...

looking on the bright side i will have sometime to update the blog with a few things i have been working on and you never know i may actually get a game or two in!
To take your mind off the sickening piucture above, Colin has just popped a couple of his new buildings on ebay, so here is some pretty pics


Friday, 13 February 2009


Lots more pretty pictures of our weekend, this time from the talented hands of Colin.
Including lots of pics of Imeldas twin town 'El Ugley', the home of many a mean hombre.