Thursday, 30 June 2011

Punic citizen infantry

I finished off another couple of units for Daves Carthaginian army. 21 citizens and 10 Libyan skirmishers all manufactured by Grippingbeast. I have used LBM transfers on the citizens, the Libyans have free hand cow hide shields. The Lybians have some funky tribal haircuts and it was hard not to paint tattoos on them.
   The pics were taken outside in the garden in another surprisingly sunny afternoon in Manchester.
   Now I need to decide whether to start my next Republican Roman  unit or finish of the first squad of my space wolves?

Monday, 20 June 2011

Space Wolf colour test

    Here is the first of my Grey Hunters. I debated for a while whether to go blue/grey as codex or a more German grey. I have already painted a space marine force in grey a few years back (I will try and find some pics). Also I have a thing for Oxford blue so I thought I would give it a try. Eventually I went for a base coat of Vallejo Grey Blue. Then i shaded in the recesses with a mix of watered down GW Fenris grey and Vallejo Chocolate brown . Once this was dry i began highlighting by mixing Blue grey with GW space wolves grey with the final highlight of space wolf grey. I am pleased with the overall colour scheme and will now crack on with the rest.
    The company marking on the left shoulder pad is my version of Egil Iron Wolfs great company. I intend to keep this project pretty small, Every squad will be motorised and supported by tanks, this and a cool idea for a conversion for Egil himself has drawn me to the 12th company.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Phalanx show St Helens

I went to phalanx and all i got were these lousy space wolves
I went to Phalanx yesterday hosted by St Helens and Ashton wargames club. It was a nice show in a well lit airy sports centre with plentiful parking. I took big Mike with me and luckily the cafe was fully stocked. There were plenty of traders plying their wares and a busy bring and buy. There was also a few nice display games to look at. It didn't feel to busy, which is good if you are buying but not so good if you are selling. All I bought was some grass tufts, a paint brush, 1 Vallejo paint and the above pictures box of Grey hunters, which was a fathers day present from my family. I have not painted or played 40k for at least 3 years, but I have been distracted by it for a couple of weeks. So this will be a little side project , i am planning to do a 1500-2000 point Space Wolf  and to hit a few tourneys with it.   My main 2011 project is still to finish all my lovely Aventines, more on them soon.

Well its fathers day, so hopefully i will get a chance to put a few Grey Hunters together and maybe even a lick of paint.
Dads, enjoy your day off!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Carthaginian Veterans

Here is the completed unit of veterans. I went with the fail safe red and white colour scheme in the end. I have also tried varying the skintones to represent the different cultural backgrounds, but you cant really tell in the photos. Figures are Grippingbeast and finished off with LBM transfers. Next up some citizen cavalry.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Hannibals Veterans WIP

I have just started a commission for a rather large Carthaginian army. The first unit on my list is a regiment of veterans from Grippingbeast.   This is certainly not the first time I have painted any Carthaginians, I have painted at least three armies for commissions as well as some for the WAB Hannibal book. None the less I thought I had a good excuse to paint a few of my veterans as a colour test, pretty lame excuse i know but here they are.
I was trying to come away from the traditional red, by using the light blue. I am undecided on whether it has worked or not.