Thursday, 26 February 2009

bushwhackers v cowboys showdown 2

Out to settle scores, the bushwhackers entered Main Street from the North end and George Hirst’s crew from the South, but both leaders took to the back lots West of town in attempts to outflank their opponents.
The ill-omened confrontation between Rob and Hirst with his henchman ‘Lucky’ Denton saw the former’s gun jam, forcing a rapid retreat. Though things would be in the balance for a time, this proved to be a sign of things to come. Pursued by his adversaries, who were held back by covering fire from the side stairs of the corner store, he sought to re-join his gang in the street.
The battle continued at long range, With ineffectual rifle cover from ‘Kid’ Hunter up on the hotel balcony and faced with three or four long arms. The Hirst boys took cover in buildings either side of the street. Things were uncertain for a while, but Rob and his boys, wary of the threat to their right flank and making too little impression at long range, advanced to contact.
Fiercer short range fire put down three of Hirst’s men. But Haigh’s shotgun, Hirst’s heavy pistol and Emmett’s six gun took their toll, laying low five of the brave bushwhackers. Once they engaged in hand-to-hand combat, the one-armed Emmett fought like a demon and once Rob was wounded he decided it was time to sound the retreat and off he head for the hills, with what was left of his beaten up posse......


Nothing adds more to the character of a wargaming table than adding the little extra details. This is even more important when it comes to skirmish games, as these accessories not only add to the overall look of the game but more often than not give your boys something to hide behind!

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

i dont think i will be painting for a while.....


last night i dislocated my thumb, just my luck i am left handed.....
So no painting for me for a while, which is a real bummer as i have a very busy schedule of commisions to get through before i treat myself to painting my next posse.
it didnt hurt at the time but it sure did when the doctor with the help of 2 nurses at A&E pulled it back into place,
heres a picture for the not to squemish...

looking on the bright side i will have sometime to update the blog with a few things i have been working on and you never know i may actually get a game or two in!
To take your mind off the sickening piucture above, Colin has just popped a couple of his new buildings on ebay, so here is some pretty pics


Friday, 13 February 2009


Lots more pretty pictures of our weekend, this time from the talented hands of Colin.
Including lots of pics of Imeldas twin town 'El Ugley', the home of many a mean hombre.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Pats Christmas in Imelda pics

Here are a few pics from Pat 'windy' Smith of the goodies he brought with him for the Christmas gaming weekend,

The Bearp Brothers

Bearp Brothers posse, beautifully painted they are to!

This is a trophy that Pat created for the winner of the campaign weekend

Prize fighter Dave "pretty boy" Marks's vignette made by Pat to say thanks for hosting the game.

Fantastic stuff i am sure you will agree!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Over the Christmas holidays we played a two day campaign using the rules from the "showdown" supplement. The first game was a now "infamous Stinky Pete" scenario. He had been drinking to hard again like every other time he comes down from the hills with bags of gold...
This was a multipler game, each posse had to grab as many bags of gold from the centre of town whilst dodging lead from Stinkys buffallo gun as well as each others. We started the game at 2100 and finished at 0230!!

Since it was so long ago and my notes have disappeared here are some pics of the action.

A goat is tethered behind the saloon, dont get to close it is a bit moody!

two ladies take a stroll down main street

Its not just the town that is sleepy.....

The good folk go about their business in peace

A view down main street

Come on boys I have a stage to catch!

The noon stage prepares to leave

The town in all its glory as the posse start to arrive

Pat "windy" Smith brings his boys in for some action

With the sight and more importantly the smell of the mountain men the peace loving locals decide to scarper

The bushwhackers use their military tactics to go into an all round defence as they see some possible enemies heading for the gold

The dismounted buffallo soldiers engage at long range with their rifles

Stinky Pete harrasses a local in the centre of town

The Daves mountain men and Pats lawmen get stuck in to each other on the outskirts of town

Mountain men with buffallo guns take up good firing positions to cover main street where most of the stashes of gold can be seen

The bushwhackers take their first casualty, shot in the guts by a mountain man

The buffallo soldiers take cover behind the stagecoach

the close combat continues as more reinforcements form both posses get involved in the fisticuffs

The casualties grow amongst bushwhackers.....
It was a great opening game with much fun had by all. It was the first time anyone had used a mountain man posse and everyone was impressed by their mix of long range fire power and hand to handiness...

The next game saw my bushwhackers up against Colins buffallo soldiers in an "avert the massacre" scenario. This looked like it was going to be deadly for me as I had to cover a lot of open ground to get in range with my predominately sixgun armed posse, all under fire from the rifle armed soldiers.
With a mix of bad dice rolling and slow reloads, my boys managed to get in close and bring
their weight of numbers and shotguns to bear. A great tense game which i was eventually lucky to win.
The bushwhackers close in on the buffallo soldiers
Making use of what little cover their is
It gets close and deadly, before hte soldiers have to make a tactical withdraw
Another game continues with Mexican peons protected their herd of horses from rustlers

masses of me-hi-kans

The town looks peaceful again before the final battle, a multiplayer shootfest with the winner being the last man standing

The playes set up for the finale

This dog soldier was a real hand to hand killer, many scalps were earned that day