Friday, 26 November 2010

It all started so well...

Firstly sorry for lack of updates, I have been a little busy with commissions that needed finishing before Christmas, these included a large rebase project of Caesarian Romans and ancient Germans and to Finish painting a large batch of Normans and lots of Sassanid Persians. Now my desk is almost clear again I have begun to clutter it back up with my dark age collection. I have prepped up 24 heavily armoured Romano British spearmen including a new general and ASB. These i hope to have finished for a game on the 12th of December, so watch out for pics soon. I have also started work on a few more Vikings, including a Godi, another hersir and ASB along with GB plastic hirdmen. My lovely wife has bought me the Macedonian army deal from Wargames Foundry for Crimbo and while she wasnt looking i managed to sneak out the three Thracian cavalry figures which you can see painted above. These are fantastic figs and a joy to paint. According to my limited resources, the geometric patterns the Thracians are so famous for are a little more subdued and the stripes are thicker by the time of Alexander. This makes painting them a little quicker to paint but I am sure I will still go to town on the majority of them just so there is no doubt that they are Thracians. This will be a large project for next year, as i am planning on creating two armies for the period. Alexandrian Macedonian and Skythian with Greek and Thracian allies. It will be nice and colourful especially after the muted colours of dark age Britain. Now i must remain focused not long to go.....

Friday, 5 November 2010

not bad considering its Friday afternoon...

I have just finished off what I had planned for this week and I still have the weekend free, not bad for me! 3 Gripping beast Hiberno-Norse, 2 Crusader miniatures Berserkers and a monk The 5 Vikings I will add to the rest of my Hibenro Norse figures and the chap I painted last week will lead them. The monk can be added to my Romano British civitates army. So here it is, my first complete unit for my new Norse force. A Hersir, 2 Berzerkers and 17 Hiberno Norse with a mix of double handed axes and throwing spears. Some of the shields are hand painted the nicer ones and the standard are transfers by little big men studios. The majority of this unit was painted a few years ago, now at last it is complete an ditching for action. I will take a few more pics when I have time, as the close ups I did all came out a bit blurry apart from the berserker above. With the weekend now free, i will finish prepping up the plastic GB Hirdmen and some Romano British, then decide what to do next. I dont think I will get any painting done as it is my 6th wedding anniversary to my beautiful wife Marie Saturday, so I will be spending lots of quality time with the mrs. What a lucky lady....?

Monday, 1 November 2010

10 weeks to go 'til cold steel. Viking week

This week I am cracking on with my Vikings. I hope by the end of the week to have a unit of 18 Hirdmen and 2 berserkers to join the chap pictured below. I am cheating a little bit because I have a few finished already, just dont tell anybody.... This first unit will be Hiberno Norse in flavour. I am not sure which army list to use from Shieldwall just yet, most like it will be either Norwegian or Hiberno-Norse. Both have great light infantry (or open order infantry under WAB2). The Norwegians led by Hardradda have always been my fave and have the added bonus of being able to hire serjeants which can make useful heavy infantry to hold the centre, as well as close order bondi. My freshly painted GB Hersir kindly given to me by the infamous Lord S of GB. The rear showing off his Little big men studios shield transfer This is my Veteran Norwegian war leader, who embarrassingly fell under a Norman horse whilst swinging his huge chopper around in the last battle.

Cold steel 2011

I am off to Cold Steel at Grippingbeast towers next January. So I thought I would paint myself a new army for the occasion. After last weeks disaster which you can read about in the battle report I sold off most of my Vikings to Dave. This seemed like a good idea at the time, but with only around 10 weeks before the event I will be hard pushed to paint a 1500 point force. I have a lovely box of plastic Hirdmen, as well as around 100 hundred various metal Vikings ready to paint. Also at the Derby show a couple of months ago I took advantage of Westwinds offer and bought around 200 of their Age of Arthur figures which are dying for some paint. So with the 10 week deadline in mind I have decided to.... PAINT BOTH!! Yes i know it makes no sense. So without further ado here is a photo of the first figures of my new armies, the new generals. Gripping Beast Viking and Westwind Warlord. Both were a real pleasure to paint, I guess mainly because rather than batch painting I actually concentrated on just the above models, A much more enjoyable experience. The Viking which is the free give away from GB plastic box set is now my favorite Viking model, which is no mean feat as I have painted a few in my time.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Hardraddas last battle

On Saturday David hosted a dark age game at Ugley Hougemont. We fought a "what if?" scenario. What if Hardradda and his Saxon ally Tostig Godwinson had crushed the rightful King Harold at Stamford bridge, then made their way south to see off the Normans. We used Warhammer ancient Battles 2 and lists from the Shieldwall supplement. 3000 points of Normans led by David and his son Sam in the guise of William and Odo, faced off against Pat leading 1500 points of Saxons as Tostig and myself representing the great man Harald Hardradda with 1500 points of Norwegians. The scenario was pitched battle using hidden deployment. The battlefield was a pretty open affair with a huge hill on our extreme right flank and a few pieces of rough round on our left. Pat and I came up with the plan of taking and holding the large hill with the Saxon shieldwalls, whilst my hairy hirdmen sat in reserve ready to attack the Norman knights in the flank as they fought uphill. Obviously this ruse depended on Dave and Sam thinking it was a good idea to crash against the solid Saxon shieldwalls.... So we set up all our strength on the right and right of centre just leaving a few skirmishers on our left flank to harass the enemy. One of these skirmishing units were my Jomsvikings. Expensive to retain but great fun to play with! Our deployment would hopefully mean that the enemy would be strung out across the large field of battle so we could pick them off at will. Usually when Dave plays Normans he will have an army of lance armed heavy cavalry supported by 100s of crossbowman. Jomsvikings So imagine our surprise when dawn broke and we could only see one mounted knights unit. The Norman army consisted of mounted milites lead by William, Odo and an army standard bearer. 3 large units of heavily armoured dismounted milites each lead by a comes. Supporting these was a large unit of skirmishing liberi and a few units of slingers. The Saxons comprised of 3 units of huscarls and ceorls in mixed formation and what must of been over 100 skirmishers armed with a mix of bow and sling. The Norwegians army was bulked out with 2 units of hirdmen including berserkers a unit of bondi with thrusting spear 2 small bow armed bondi and a 7 man Jomsviking contingent to put the fear of Odin in the enemy. Dave and Sam on the left look pleased with their deployment, Pat is still fiddling with his little man, i mean men... A freshly painted liberi unit prepares to try their luck against the jomsvikings. The Anglo/Norwegian battle line.Ralph the timid discussing the best way to leave the field of battle without anyone noticing The heavily armoured Norman line. The skirmishers start to move forward to harass the enemy line. Dave had historical names for his comes leading the dismounted milites. This one was lead by Ralph the timid. I hoped i would be facing that one!! Turn 1. Opened with Hardradda and Tostig sending forward the huge screen of skirmishers. the Saxon shieldwalls headed for the hills in a fast march formation, hoping to claim it before the cavalry reached it. The Norman infantry crept forward in their heavy armour whilst the cavalry raced for the hill. Turn 2. Every skirmisher in range of the powerful mounted milites unit opened fire. after rolling many many dice Pat seemed quite happy with himself as many knights were toppled from their saddles. Dave rolled for a panic test not worrying to much as his general was leading the charge. But the dice Gods are fickle and he rolled an 11!! So off they scarpered back down the hill with jeers ringing in their ears. Luckily(for the Normans) they rallied at the start of the next turn before they were lost for good. Clouds of arrows seeing off the Norman elite Headless Sam tries to redress the depleted knights formation as the heavy foot move forward at a snails pace. the next couple of turns saw the Saxons dig in on the hill whilst the Normans moved steadily forward with what was left of their knights now on the right of their battle line, maneuvering for a charge on the Vikings. This was obviously going to happen soon, so i whispered in Pats shell like that it is time for the Saxons to be bold and come down from the hill to hit the Normans in the flank. Pat said they would but first they seemed to be having a tea break. So without further ado my impetuous Vikings lead by their impatient general surged forward into the Norman ranks. Sadly this is where i got caught up in the fighting and neglected my camera. After 3 rounds of withering combat, which included Hardradda getting injured the mounted knights charged the hirdmen. Hardradda lept forward into the melee only to slip on some poor souls spilt intenstines and get kicked in the face by a horse. Not the most fitting of endings for such a renowned warrior..... With the Norwegians well and truly buggered the Saxons decided to pour out another cup of tea and watch the butchering from their vantage point. Hardradda was now dead. Tostig seemed to be chuckling from behind his spangle helm. maybe it was his plan all a long...? He could now contest for the English throne, but just not today. Well it was a great fun battle, A well won victory for the Normans. My Vikings fought well but were really up against it with the Saxons uncommitted. Most of the Vikings are now living at Davids, after a post battle defection. WAB2 seems to be a slight improvement on the original not that there was anything broken in the last version. The longer thinner lines look better, i need a few more games to get used to the differences after playing version 1 regularly for about 10 years... Hopefully some more games soon!