Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Bunch of Yanks

I have a few Yanks finished now for Big Mike, this is the beginning of his WW2 collection. These Artizan designs figures are a real joy to paint. Trouble is as ever, when I start painting something I like I tend to drift off in that direction. I have to be disciplined, as I have way to much on my desk at the moment.
 Once I have enough Space Wolves painted to game with I am heading back to crack on with my huge collection of Republican Romans.
I cant wait!!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

on the workbench

Just a couple of pics to show what I am working on at the moment.

 First up is an American infantry platoon from Artizan designs for big Mike. This is designed to go with the excellent "rules of engagement" rules from Great escape games. First 8 are finished bar the varnish and basing. Just another 26 to go!

Secondly is my converted Rune priest based on the Torquemada Coteaz figure. I bought this years ago when he first appeared as I loved the pose. I never got round to using him until now. He has had a lot of inquisitor detail filed off and replaced by space wolf iconography. He also has a big axe instead of his daemon hammer. Looking forward to finishing this one. But it will have to wait until I finish the above.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Grey hunters pack

Well I guess you may be getting a little bored of these by now but i couldn't resist showing a few group shots.
I am pleased with the end result, the only drawback is they did take a hell of a long time to paint. 37 hours in fact.
The only figs I can remember taking that long have been my Samurai shown below, and that doesnt include the many hours trawling through books finding reference material, which really is all part of the fun.

Again these were a real joy to paint and a huge investment in time, I must get on with finishing the rest of the force at some point.
But for now on my work bench I am converting a rune priest to lead  the wolves. For all you more interested in the historical side of things I also have a WW2 American infantry platoon and some more Punic wars goodies waiting patiently for the paint brush.
Well I have booked tonight off work and the Mrs is out with friends. I plan to take the kids swimming to ware them out and if all goes well they will be in bed for 7, Which will give me a good few hours at the desk.
If all goes well I will bring you an update in the morning.   

wolf standard

Here are the last two members of the pack. One as you may notice is carrying a wolf standard, these allow the pack to reroll all rolls of a 1 during a combat phase. This would be great for my good friend Pat to use, he always seems to roll a 1.Originally I was planning to do a free hand design on the flag, but it was getting late and this LBM transfer was crying out to be used.

Heres a couple of pics of the start of my board, all pretty simple and basic just to try a few things out. If i am feeling brave the next one may be a little more elaborate.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

leader of the pack

Here is my wolf guard pack leader, armed wth power fist and plasma pistol. I have not played 40k 5th edition yet as i have been busy with all my other wargaming interests these last few years. I did buy the rules when they came out which was around the same time i sold off all my armies, well planned as ever.... 

I will try and get a few games in before the 6th edition comes out next year.

I am going to try my hand at making an arctic conditions terrain board to go with the space wolves. Here is a pick of my helping hand Grace scrubbing out all my careful sculpted tank tracks. You gotta love 'em! 

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

leaving comments

I am having trouble leaving comments on other peoples blogs. Everytime i try to leave one via my google account it keeps asking me to sign in, then i go around in circles for as many times as it takes me to get pee'd off and give up without making a comment. Sorry to all those great blogs i follow but cant comment on at the mo. If anyone out there is more PC tech than me (which to be honest is everyone) please leave a comment hopefully explaining the answer. If your no better at PCing than me then you may have the same problem which means you wont be able to comment anyhow ;0)

right back to the snow

the pack keeps growing

A couple more wolves join the pack. I am having fun in the snow, notice the snow covered skull.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Space Wolves

I have finally finished another space wolf and based the first test figure. I went for a snowy base, which was something I had never tried before. I bought a tub of citadel snow effects when it came out 3 or 4 years ago for a project which i never started. I painted the bases in my usual way adding some slate and grass. I then painted patches of white, over the white i used PVA glue and then dipped the bases in the tub of snow. I did this twice to get the depth of snow I wanted and I am happy with the result.

More to come tomorrow!