Monday, 15 September 2014

Perry Miniatures Foot Knights

I painted these up at the weekend. My first base for my late 15th century Venetian army.  
 All the figures are from the latest Perry miniatures plastic box set, with a couple of slight conversions and some extra bits taken out of the previous medieval boxes.
I have to say these were a real joy to paint and a welcome break from all the Napoleonic miniatures I have been painting lately. The men at arms go together real easy with lots of variety and options. One point I need to remember on the next batch, is to make sure I have cleaned up the mould lines properly. There are very few and the casting is excellent, but due to me being impatient and rushing I missed some obvious ones that didn't stand out until I had started the highlights on the armour.
 I have varied the metal quite a bit from dark unpolished to bright silver to add variety and show the more successful condottiero. Although i'm not sure you can tell in the photo.
 I have also tried to show a lot of movement on the base, something basing for Impetus allows you to do. The base is 120mm by 60mm. With the charge being lead by the chap without a helmet. Whilst the knight wearing the tall plumed helmet points out a worthy adversary in the enemy ranks and calls out a (somewhat muffled) challenge.
chap on the right has blued armour. 
 I have painted 14 altogether so far, as that was what I was planning would look right and give the base some weight. In the end I decided to stick with the 11 you can see in the photo, which means I now have 3 finished for the next base!
 But first I have hundreds of LotR dwarves to varnish and some GB Mongols to finish off.

I will post more on my thoughts of my new collection over the weekend. Just need to decide whether to do it in its own blog or keep altogether here...