Thursday, 26 July 2012

War of the Roses

I painted these up a few weeks back for fun. Perrys metal personalities and men at arms. Great figures, some of which i sold on ebay. I'm thinking of using the rest to start my retro Warhammer fantasy battle army. Thats if i dont find the rest of my Dark elves from back in the day. I think they maybe in my mums loft or possibly given away when thye were worth peanuts. now they are making big money on ebay


  1. Lovely WoTR figures Steve... quality stuff yet again

  2. Beautiful work; museum quality. Best, Dean

  3. Superb looking figures Steve, now get some of those plastic painted up.

  4. thanks for your comments chaps!

    pat, i do have a box of plastics on my desk ;0)

  5. Very good paint job !

    best regards Michael


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